Patrick McNeil

  • Age: 36
  • Road CAT: 4
  • Cyclocross CAT: 4
  • Weakness: Peanut Butter
  • Favorite Dicipline: Road

Patrick’s Bio

Patrick had always thought biking as a “healthy” way to get around town rather than a sport. In 2010, he bought a bike to commute to work to offset sitting at his desk job. If he had known that this would lead him down a path of lycra, spandex, weird hats, shaved legs, and phrases like “lactate threshold” would he have still bought that first bike? How many decades earlier could he have retired instead of investing in component upgrades? Are lighter carbon wheels the answer to all of this? These are questions which haunt all cyclists…

Riding since 2010 and racing since 2014, Patrick is self admittedly not a specialist. When not on his bike, he enjoys home improvement projects during which he thinks about riding his bike instead.