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Salty Chimp Racing

Based in Syracuse, NY, we are an elite group of speed junkies who race bikes and have a good time, sometimes to a point beyond moderation.

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Our Pain Caves

Post excerpt: Many of us in the Northeast have those hidden corners of our homes where we go to train in the winter. Call it what you will, the Pain Cave, Zen Den, the dungeon, a dark room, the basement... They are…

Salt City Cyclocross Spectacular 2019 Photos

Post excerpt:

Ben tackles the sand pit on his fatbike at Cross Out Child Abuse 2019

Cross Out Child Abuse 2019 Photos

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Day 4 of the @bikeshopcx #aprilcxchallenge is Giving Back. First photo is of the Chimps helping support local businesses (and team sponsor) @315localbrewingcompany They do some much for the community and we love having them on our side. . Second photo is of a troop of chimps heckling teammates at @rideoswegocounty #coca cx race. “Giving it back” to our friends on course.

Know Your Foe