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Salty Chimp Racing

Based in Syracuse, NY, we are an elite group of speed junkies who race bikes and have a good time, sometimes to a point beyond moderation.

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Salt City Cyclocross Spectacular 2019 Photos

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Ben tackles the sand pit on his fatbike at Cross Out Child Abuse 2019

Cross Out Child Abuse 2019 Photos

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Josh Graves on the Podium at Drops 2 Hops 2019

Josh Graves Wins Drops 2 Hops 2019

Post excerpt: Drops 2 Hops is a 42 mile race with 3,215 ft of climbing featuring. It features two distict climbs: a 1.73 mile climb at 8%, followed by 1.84 miles at 4%. Both climbs are deceptive in that their gradient is…


Say Hello to Dan. Dan is the stereotypical all around cyclist. He may not win on an uphill finish but boy howdy, he’ll make you work for it. This dude can sprint, leadout, crush hills, and overall do everything you want from a cyclist. Oh, and you have training questions? Ask Dan. He is one of the most informed there is when it comes to training plans and workouts. But it doesn’t end there; did I mention Dan is an all around athlete. He’ll race you on the road, cx, in a time trial, on a mountain bike, you name it, he’ll throw down. Dan is a family man for sure and he brings that modest, humble, positive attitude to the team every day, but don’t tempt him or he will rip your legs off on a ride. He always comes into the season in shape and ready to race so no one is safe, even in early Spring. But what makes this man pedal so hard? . Favorite @315localbrewingcompany Beer: Don’t Fear the Dark Stout . Favorite @1911established Drink: Classic 1911 Cider . Favorite Bike to Ride: Any but I’m digging the new mountain bike right now . Favorite loop to ride: Any FAF ride . What animal would be the most terrifying if it could speak? Spiders . Favorite off the bike activity: Family time and watching my boys play sports . If you could have a rider nickname, what would it be? One should not nickname themselves . Sushi or Tacos? Let’s Taco bout it. . If You Joined The Circus, What Would Your Circus Act Be? Strongman . If you had to choose one animal to help you win a fight: Wolf pack . Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich? Definitely Not . If you were a street fighter, what would your theme song be? Killing in the name of by rage against the machine . Favorite cyclist of all time: My dad . If you won $100mil, what would you buy first? Vacation for my family. . Be on the lookout for Dan this year. . . . . #cycling#cyclist#cyclinglifestyle#bicycle#bicycles#roadbike#roadcycling#roadcyclist#mountainbiking#mtb#mtblife#cyclocross#crossisboss#crossiscoming#1911established#315brewingcompany#rabinlawfirm#saltychimpracing#saltcity#syracusecycling#syracuse#beakandskiff#1911spirit#upstatenewyork#cyclinglife#cycling#cyclist

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