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Raleigh cyclocross bike, side view

Cyclocross Bike for Sale

Post excerpt: Know somebody looking to break into cyclocross but not break the bank? Is that somebody you? Or maybe you're looking for a solid pit bike? Lucky for you, up for sale is this completely rebuilt Raleigh cyclocross bike, just in…

Salty Chimp Racing Welcome Jon Cyganik and Tony Campagna

Post excerpt: Salty Chimp Racing welcomes the addition of Jonathan Cyganik and Tony Campagna to the team, starting in the 2019 season. Cyganik, a former collegiate runner, fell in love with cycling while living in Boston. A lover of all things outdoors,…

The team presents a Salty Chimps jersey to Local 315 Brewery

Team Night at Local 315 Brewery

Post excerpt: Hot and muggy. These are the days that try men's souls… but not the Chimps. We gathered at Local 315 Brewery for a frothy bike "ride" along with several guests on our flat and short course west of Warners. After…