2022 Farmall MTB Race – 5/15

“Such a fun event! I lined up in the field of 45-50 guys and the race went off similar to a CX start. I knew the hole shot was important and was able to place myself 2nd wheel before hitting the single track. After the 1st hill, I passed the lead rider and led the field most of the 1st lap which in hindsight was a mistake as I had to set the pace for a string of guys on my wheel. Near the end of the 1st lap, I was passed by 2 riders who took off and never looked back. The 2nd lap was fairly uneventful as I had a couple guys on my wheel until half way through and then I was pretty much by myself to the finish securing 3rd OA and 1st 40+ division. The course was hard and reminded me very much of a CX effort, but harder since it was longer and more focus was required for line selection. Hoping to get into more MTB races this season!” – Rob Chimento