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Scott Stewart rounds a corner in the NYS Cyclocross championships

Scott Stewart Wins NY Cyclocross Champion’s Jersey at Kirkland CX

Post excerpt: Kirkland, NY — The second race of the CNY Cyclocross cup and the 2019 New York State Cyclocross championships, a fast course and faster competition awaited Ken Hammond, Patrick McNeil, Jon Cyganik, Scott Stewart, and Ben Rabin as they lined…

An artist's representation of Josh Graves during the 2019 T-Burg Crit NYS championships

Josh Graves wins NYS Champion’s Jersey at T-Burg Crit

Post excerpt: Trumansburg… It’s a 7 corner crit in a Tompkin’s County town with a NYS Championship on the line… I “C” the appeal. Pre-riding the course, a friend who raced it last year gives me some tips. “It’s technical. Basically a…

Jon in the NYS champion's jersey at the Bristol Mountain Road Race 2019

Jon Cyganik Wins NYS Champion’s Jersey at Bristol Mountain

Post excerpt: I pedaled as hard as I could, glancing over my shoulder every so often for the chase. Jon Cyganik The team of Fred Bulken, Jon Cyganik, Scott Stewart, and David Tate arrived to the race with plenty of time to spare…