Fred’s Bio

Fred played competitive teams sports (football, basketball, lacrosse) from an early age through college. Then got fat in his twenties and decided to do something about it. Started running in his early thirties because running offered the highest form of fitness return for the least amount of time invested.  Vowed he would never cycle because it took too much time and money and, not to mention, required wearing spandex shorts and sitting on sliver seats.

In his mid forties he developed some nagging injuries from running and begrudgingly bought a road bike for cross training purposes. One thing  lead to another and he hooked up with a group of regular cyclists riding from a local coffee shop. Found he enjoyed the camaraderie and friendly competition of cycling  immensely and now regrets wasting all those years running. These days Fred can often be found unabashedly dressed in conspicuous form fitting Salty Chimp Racing lycra kits on the roads, woods and in the coffee shops of CNY.


  • Scott Foil 10 (Road)
  • Giant TCR Advanced (Road)
  • Norco Threshold C (CX)
  • Cannondale Beast of the East 3 (Mountain Bike)